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File a claim through your insurance carrier

To report a claim, you can immediately contact your insurance carrier directly for 24/7 claim support service. After a claim is filed, your insurance carrier will contact Hylant Select allowing us to act on your behalf. 


What is the benefit of reporting promptly to your carrier?

When you report a claim to your carrier immediately, they can begin to handle all aspects of your claim to better protect your assets and resolve claims promptly for all parties involved.  If you have any questions after speaking with your carrier, the specialist at Hylant Select can assist you and help resolve any issues. Please do not hesitate to call us with any claims questions. 

Auto Accident Claims

If you have been involved in an auto accident involving another vehicle / third party:

1.       Secure the scene to ensure you and others are safe.

2.       Notify the police. Send for appropriate emergency service.

3.       Be considerate. Answer Questions but do not admit fault or sign papers unless speaking with police.

4.       Write down accident details, names and addresses of all drivers and if any and all witnesses. 

5.       Ask investigating officer for a copy of the report and note the names of any emergency personnel

6.       Take photographs of your damaged vehicle.

7.       Promptly call your insurance carrier to file a claim.

Home Owners Claims

When you have a homeowners claim your actions can make all the difference. 

Business & Liability Claims



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